January 2024 Meetings

Please RSVP to join any of the following meetings. Some chairs may continue to hold their meetings virtually, please RSVP to receive a zoom invitation.
  • Academic Mothers (chaired by Lindsey Dillon, lidillon@ucsc.edu) - Saturday, January 27 from 10:30-12:30 (Garfield Park, 634 Almar Ave)
  • Asian American/Pacific Islander (chaired by L.S. Kim, lskim@ucsc.edu) - subcommittee meeting
  • Black (co-chaired by Courtney Bonam, cbonam@ucsc.edu and Myriam Telus, mtelus@ucsc.edu) - TBD
  • Disabilities & Chronic Illness (chaired by Megan Moodie, mmoodie@ucsc.edu) - Friday, January 19 from 10-11:30am (Zoom)
  • Indigenous (chaired by Katie Keliiaa, ckeliiaa@ucsc.edu) - TBD
  • Latinx/Chicanx (chaired by Alegra Eroy-Reveles, alegraer@ucsc.edu) - Wednesday, January 24 from 4:30-6:30pm (on-campus home, RSVP for address)
  • LGBTQ+ (chaired by Phil Hammack, hammack@ucsc.edu) - TBD
  • Women in STEM (chaired by Rebecca Braslau, rbraslau@ucsc.edu) - Friday, January 26 from 2-4pm, PSB 205