2015 UCSC Hellman Fellows Program Award Recipients

Established at UCSC in 2011, the purpose of the Hellman Fellows Program is to support substantially the research of promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their research.

In 2015, nine (9) faculty received awards.  It is with great pride that we announce this year's recipients.

Faculty Name
Title of Project
Gerald Casel
Theater Arts

Splinters In Our Ankles – Collective Cultural Amnesia and Performed Resistance in the Tinikling, The Philippine National Dance

Nicolas Davidenko

How experience shapes orientation-dependent visual processing

Jennifer Derr

Agriculture and Public Health in Egypt

Rebecca DuBois
Biomolecular Engineering

Understanding how astrovirus enters human cells

Lars Fehren-Schmitz

Colonial Encounters and Climate Change: Mapping the Evolution of Human Genetic Diversity in the Central Andes throughout the Pre-Columbian Period

Grace Gu

Firm-paid Benefits, Employment, and Monetary Policy

Eric Palkovacs

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

An experimental test for eco-evolutionary feedbacks along a classic evolutionary pathway in threespine stickleback

Juned Shaikh

Spatializing Caste and Class

Maziar Toosarvandani

How do languages vary? Aspect and its interpretation in discourse

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