2017 UCSC Hellman Fellows Program Award Recipients

Established at UCSC in 2011, the purpose of the Hellman Fellows Program is to support substantially the research of promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their research.

In 2017, nine faculty received awards.  It is with great pride that we announce this year's recipients.

Faculty Name
Title of Project
James Ackman

MCD Biology

Functional Dynamics of Cerebral Lateralization in the Developing Brain

Terrence Blackburn

Earth and Planetary Sciences

U-series Comminution Dating of Fine-Particle Production in Glaciers, Rivers, Faults and Extraterrestrial Surfaces

Rebecca Covarrubias


Acknowledging the Cultural Strengths of First-Generation Students: Longitudinal Explorations of Familial Interdependence and Hard Independence

Renée Fox

Necromantic Victorians: Reanimation and the Historical Imagination in British and Irish Literature

Alma Heckman

History & Jewish Studies

Radical Roads Not Taken: Moroccan Jewish Trajectories, 1925-1975

Dongwook Lee

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

New High-Order Schemes for Computational Fluid Dynamics using Gaussian Processes

Amy Mihyang Ginther

Theater Arts

No Danger of Winning

Tsim Schneider


Comparative Archaeologies of Native-Lived Colonialism in California

Christopher Vollmers

Biomolecular Engineering

Determining the Diversity of Individual Human B cells using Nanopore Sequencing

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