Application Process

Applications should be brief, no more than 3 pages (including budget information and any references), and written with the understanding that they will be reviewed by a panel of faculty from a variety of departments across campus that will most likely not include specialists in the field of study.  Applications should therefore include a description which is accessible to someone who is not an expert in the given field that also provides some details of the proposed work.  Applications must include a brief budget and justification.  Applications should indicate all other sources of support being received.  Faculty with young investigator awards (e.g., the NSF Career Award) are not eligible for this program. Faculty must be in their second or third year of service at the assistant professor rank (i.e., by July 1, 2018 have completed at least full two years of service, but less than four full years).

Please submit your application via email to vpaa@ucsc.eduApplications for 2018 are due by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 23.

The quality of the research proposed is the most important criterion for selection. Awards are made without regard to the apparent timeliness or popularity of the field of study and without reference to ethnicity or gender; preference may be given to research not supported substantially by other sources. A faculty member may only receive one award from this program.

Awards may be used for any research-related expense, except that awards may not be used for faculty salaries, including summer salary.  Awards may be used for salaries for students or research assistants, or for equipment or travel.  There is no overhead charged to this award. Awards are for one year with expenditures expected during that period, although an extension can be applied for.  Award recipients are required to spend all funds before their tenure case is considered.  Faculty who are being considered for tenure in 2018-19 are not eligible to apply to this program.

Recipients agree to write a thank you letter to the Hellman Family and to attend a luncheon meeting (which may be scheduled every other year in San Francisco) and share their work with the Hellman Family Fund trustees.

For questions about the program or the application process, contact Herbie Lee at