Campus Online Course Proposal Summer Session Call, 2018-19

Funding opportunities for online education

In summer 2018, UC Santa Cruz offered 33 online courses with over 2,200 enrollments; our students keep asking for more. The campus seeks proposals from all levels of faculty to develop online courses to be offered during Summer Session 2019 and beyond. This year’s focus is to support faculty who propose courses (or groupings of courses) that:

  1. Leverage the online medium to engage and challenge students;
  2. Promote improved time-to-degree for our undergraduates;
  3. Provide meaningful pathways by proposing a complementary course to an existing offering; or by proposing a new grouping of courses that would form the basis of a certificate or minor earned during the summer (or over several summers). See UC Berkeley’s Summer-only minors and certificates for reference;
  4. Have potential for high enrollment.

Multiple proposals from faculty in the same department will be accepted.

Faculty whose proposals are accepted will receive one course release (per new course) and staff support to develop the course. Courses will be developed in winter/spring for their initial offering in summer and must be offered for five consecutive summers by the original developer or an alternate instructor. Summer courses can run in 5-, 8-, or 10-week sessions.  

If necessary, and at the request of the instructor and course sponsor, enrollment can be restricted to 65 students during a course’s first year. Summer session 2018 average enrollment in online courses was 70 students per course. Courses are well supported by TAs and readers, assigned by the department and funded by Summer Session.

Online summer courses provide opportunities for all UC Santa Cruz students to continue making progress toward their degree, particularly those unable to remain in Santa Cruz during the peak tourist season. For many majors, high quality online courses offered in summer can help alleviate enrollment impaction. Additionally, summer session courses provide employment opportunities for instructors and graduate students, and incentive funding to the department and division through revenue share and inclusion in TA funding formulas for fall, winter, and spring.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, November 9. Questions? — Contact Michael Tassio at or 831-459-1346. Submit completed proposals to

Proposal Guidelines

In no more than three pages, provide responses to the following points of inquiry.

  1. Provide a brief overview of the course(s), including demand based on face-to-face offerings; for new courses, estimate demand.

  2. Explain how the proposed course(s) would leverage the online medium to engage and challenge students.

  3. Explain how the course would provide a meaningful pathway for students taking multiple online courses during summer. Would it complement an existing online course offering? Alternatively, would it form the basis for a new grouping of online courses to be offered during the summer?

  4. Discuss any experience or qualifications you have — such as using technology to enhance the classroom experience — relevant to developing and/or teaching an online course.

Append the current course syllabus to your proposal. And, include a short statement of support from your Department Chair discussing the course within the context of departmental need, and the Department’s commitment to offer the course during Summer Session for 5 years.

Questions? — Contact Michael Tassio at or 831-459-1346. Submit completed proposals to