Request for Proposals

There are several opportunities for faculty interested in developing online courses. In addition to UC systemwide requests for proposals, the campus provides funding for select fully online courses offered during Summer Session, as well as for MOOCs. You are encouraged to use the left navigation menu for information on current RFPs. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact Michael Tassio (, 831-459-1346). 

Recently awarded courses: 


  • Bettina Aptheker, Feminism & Social Justice (MOOC)


  • Matthew Lasar & Matt O'Hara, The United States of America From Its Founding Through Our Time (HIS-15) 
  • Melissa Caldwell & Nancy Chen, Feeding California (ANTH-110)
  • Elizabeth Stephens, Environmental Art (ART-80B)
  • Grant Hartzog, Studies in Medicine: Its Art, History, Science, And Philosophy (BIOL-88)
  • Grant Whipple, Introduction to Drawing (ART-20L)
  • Stella Hein & James Shope, Strategies to Jumpstart your STEM Learning (CRSN-15)
  • Minghui Hu, World History of Science (HIS-101D)
  • Kristen Gillette, Introduction to Animation (ART-106A)
  • Jackie Gehring, Comparative Law (LGST-116) 
  • David Donley and Jonathan Ellis (mentor), Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL-11)  
  • Pranav Anand, Invented Languages: from Elvish to Esperanto (LING-80K)
  • Peter Kenez, Russian History: from Lenin to Putin (MOOC)
  • J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Probability and Statistics for Engineers (CMPE-107)
  • Karen Ottemann, Microbiology (METX-119) 


  • Charles Hedrick and Jenny Lynn, History of The English Language (HIS-61) 
  • Maya Friedman, Evolution (BIOE-119)
  • Zac Zimmer, Speculative Fiction (LIT-61)
  • Kevin Jones, Economics of Accounting I (Financial) (ECON-10A)
  • Kevin JonesEconomics of Accounting II (Managerial) (ECON-10B)
  • Ira Pohl, C for Everyone Part A (MOOC)
  • Ira Pohl, C for Everyone Part B (MOOC)
  • Ricardo Sanfelice, Cyber-Physical Systems (MOOC)
  • Erika Zavaleta, Ecosystems of California (MOOC)
  • Alison Galloway, Forensic Anthropology (ANTH-103)
  • Kristen Gillette (lead) & Jennifer Parker, Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practices (ART-80T)


  • Joshua Deutsch & Onuttom Narayan, Introductory Physics I (PHYS-6A)
  • Nancy Chen & David Shaw, Cultures of Social Justice and Sustainability (ANTH-110)
  • Ben Leeds Carson, Popular Music in the United States (MUSC-80P)
  • Ben Crow & Isha Ray (UCB), Water and Sanitation Justice (SOCY-173)
  • Mo Hassan, Security Markets and Financial Institutions (ECON-133)
  • Eleonora Pasotti, Politics Of Advanced Industrialized Societies (POLI-140A)
  • Max Tarjan, Ecology (EEB-107)
  • Ira Pohl, C++ for C Programers Part B (MOOC)
  • Herbie Lee, Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis (MOOC)


  • Murray Baumgarten and Peter Kenez, The Holocaust: Destruction of European Jewry (MOOC) 
  • Ira Pohl, C++ for C Programers Part A (MOOC) 
  • Dominic Massaro, Children Acquiring Literacy Naturally (MOOC) 
  • Erika Zavaleta, Ecosystems of California (ENVS-125)
  • Charles Hedrick and Jenny Lynn, The Vocabulary of Science (HIS-61) 
  • Lene Whitley-Putz, Writing Disney (WRIT-2)


  • Susan Schwartz, The Geology of National Parks (EART-3)
  • Brent Haddad, Fresh Water: Processes and Policy (ENVS-65)


  • Anthony Tromba and Frank Bauerle, Calculus for Science, Engineering and Mathematics (19A) 
  • Anthony Tromba and Frank Bauerle, Calculus for Science, Engineering and Mathematics (19B) 
  • Anthony Tromba and Frank Bauerle, Vector Calculus (23A) 
  • Anthony Tromba and Frank Bauerle, Vector Calculus (23B)