Hybrid and Online Course Samples

The following videos are samples from fully online UCSC courses. 

Ecosystems of California (ENVS-125)

This video is the course introduction to Ecosystems of California, developed and taught by Erika Zavaleta. The first offering of this course is planned for winter quarter 2016. 

Geology of National Parks (EART-3)

In this video lecture Susan Schwartz explains the geological processes that formed Crater Lake and the Cascade Range.

Fresh Water: Processes and Policies (ENVS-65)

In this video lecture Brent Haddad discusses the role and value of water in various industries in the Pajaro Valley.

Calculus for Science, Engineering and Mathematics (MATH 19A and 19B)

This video is the course introduction to MATH-19A and -19B, developed and taught by Anthony Tromba and Frank Bauerle. 

In this video lecture Frank Bauerle discusses the problem of area.