The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Herbert Lee, is among the principal academic advisors to the Campus Provost. The office is responsible for the following:

VPAA Responsibilities

Academic Personnel:

Provides analysis to the Campus Provost on faculty personnel matters; works with the Academic Senate and other appropriate campus organizations to improve the academic personnel process; represents the Campus Provost to the Senate Committee on Academic Personnel.

Academic Personnel Office
UCSC Faculty Salary Equity Reports (January 2015, October 2018, April 2022)

Academic Planning:

Provides leadership in overall campus academic planning; evaluates proposals for new programs; advises the Campus Provost on faculty positions and other resource allocations.

New Program Development
Campus Five-Year Lists
Instructional Workload Policy

Academic Program Review:

Oversees external review of campus academic programs and departments.

Academic Program Reviews


Serves as the Accreditation Liaison Officer for the campus to the WASC Senior College and University Commission.



Provides strategic oversight for the UCSC Arboretum.



Provides oversight on the assessment of student learning at the program and course levels, with attention to equity of outcomes.

Assessment for Learning Excellence & Equity Center

Faculty Development and Support

Provides oversight for programs aimed to provide professional development opportunities and provide support for faculty.

APO Diversity Initiatives
EVC Fellows Academy
Faculty Community Networking Program (FCNP)
Hellman Fellows Program
UC Santa Cruz Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowships

Leadership Academy:

Oversees the Leadership Academy whose purpose is to build a diverse pool of academic & staff employees with the knowledge and skills to be successful in leadership roles at UCSC.

Leadership Academy

Strategic Initiatives

In 2017-18 the campus began work on a Strategic Academic Plan (SAP) with a focus on interdisciplinary research and faculty hiring and reducing recognized barriers to collaborative and interdisciplinary activities.

Strategic Academic Planning

Student Experience of Teaching Surveys (SETs)

Oversees campus activity regarding student experience of teaching surveys.

Student Experience of Teaching Surveys (SETs)

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC)

Provides strategic oversight for the The Teaching & Learning Center.

The Teaching & Learning Center