UCSC Learning Outcomes

Based upon the UC Santa Cruz general education requirements effective fall 2010, the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) has defined institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) for UCSC undergraduates as follows:

By graduation, UCSC undergraduates will have developed

  1. mastery in a program of study (or major)
  2. clear writing and effective communication in a program of study (or major)
  3. skills for textual analysis and interpretation
  4. capacity for formal reasoning and problem-solving
  5. understanding of scientific inquiry and empirical methods
  6. statistical reasoning abilities and familiarity with the uses (and misuses) of quantitative information
  7. appreciation for the arts as ways to create and communicate meaning
  8. awareness of ethnicity and race in socio-cultural and historical contexts
  9. knowledge of cultures and societies outside the United States
  10. perspectives on the environment, society and technology, or human behavior

These institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) were approved at CEP’s 2/27/13 meeting.