2013-16 WSCUC Accreditation

UCSC was reaccreditted by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) in March 2016. The WSCUC formal notification and official record of action taken is available on the following link: http://academicaffairs.ucsc.edu/documents/CAL_160302_UCSC_AV.pdf

* * * 

The final report of the WSCUC Review Team is available on the following link: http://academicaffairs.ucsc.edu/documents/UCSC_WSCUC_Reaffirmation_of_Accreditation_2015.pdf

* * * 

The current evaluation by WSCUC began in 2013-14 and the campus  submitted our Institutional Report on February 26, 2015.

This evaluation by WSCUC is being guided by the standards described in the WSCUC 2013 Handbook of Accreditation.  In its revised process, WSCUC intends to focus on retention and completion, quality of learning, and the meaning of the degree as a whole.  During their off-site review and the on-site visit, the visiting team will look for evidence that the campus has defined learning outcomes for each degree program, has assessment methods that provide evidence of achievement, and that programs are using the results to ensure quality and improve student learning. 

As part of our preparation for re-accreditation, the campus supported departmental efforts to publish written educational learning outcomes and evaluation procedures for all academic programs.  Other UC campuses that have defined learning outcomes and linked them to assessment activities have reported positive benefits for program effectiveness.  For example, students who understand the explicit learning outcomes and their transparent connections to program features/goals are often more engaged and more successful in achieving those goals.

Detailed campus assessment-related information and a listing of resources are available on the campus's assessment website.