Advancing Faculty Diversity Workgroup

Advancing Diversity in Faculty Recruitment and Hiring

UC Santa Cruz has been awarded a grant from UCOP to convene a faculty workgroup in 2020-21 to work on several aspects of inclusive hiring in partnership with UC Merced. This group will comprise eight faculty from UC Santa Cruz and five faculty from UC Merced, and they will be charged with the following:

  1. Review the literature on faculty research about inclusive faculty hiring
  2. Disseminate findings and best practices across campus
  3. Develop rubrics for assessing other parts of applications
  4. Develop new fair hiring training and produce a training manual for search committees
  5. Collaborate with the workgroup at Merced on each of the above in monthly virtual meetings

More details are available in the project proposal. The overarching goal is to learn from published faculty research to improve the inclusivity of our faculty hiring. This knowledge would be shared both by the workgroup this year, as well as in future fair hiring trainings given by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.


UC Santa Cruz Workgroup members: