External Review Mid-Cycle Report Process Map

mid-cycle process map

External Review Mid-Cycle Report Process

The overseeing dean shall implement or otherwise address recommended actions and monitor conditions placed by Senate committees and/or the administration on the department. No later than two years subsequent to the closure report, the department chair shall prepare a response to any specific questions appended to the closure letter. Chairs shall consult with relevant faculty constituencies in preparing the response. The dean shall submit the department's mid-cycle update report to the vice provost for academic affairs (VPAA) with a copy to the department. The VPAA transmits the mid-cycle update to the vice provost and dean of graduate studies (VPDGS), the vice provost and dean of undergraduate education (VPDUE), and the Academic Senate. Contingent on concerns addressed in the mid-cycle update report, the VPAA recommends to the Senate the schedule for the department's subsequent review.