Development of Academic Programs

The procedures for developing new academic programs reflect the University of California assigned responsibility for courses, curricula, and degrees to the faculty, and responsibility for academic units and budgets to the administration. They are written to promote mutual endorsement of any proposed action because both faculty and administration support are necessary for a program or unit to thrive. Processes support administration and designated Academic Senate committee consultation prior to final decision. The Academic Senate may consult among its various committees consistent with their authorities and responsibilities.

The UCSC Policy and Procedures Governing Establishment, Disestablishment, and Change reflects UC systemwide policy. Intermittent revisions to align with changing UC policy are made following consultation with academic administrators and the Academic Senate. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (VPAA) coordinates consultation, maintains the document, and determines the approval process for any action not specifically described.

The campus approval process related to Schools, Colleges, ORUs and MRUs is not detailed in this document, but will mirror the process for new programs. 

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