Spring 2020 Curricular Updates

To better serve our students and ensure they are receiving high quality and current educational offerings, academic programs are established, updated and, occasionally, discontinued. Effective fall 2020, we have made several changes to our undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

I am pleased to announce the following changes to the UC Santa Cruz curriculum this academic year.

The Applied Mathematics department will launch a B.S. in Applied Mathematics. 

The Environmental Studies department has established a B.A. in Agroecology.

The Education department has established a B.A. in Education, Democracy and Justice.

The Mathematics department has established a B.A. in Mathematics Education and a B.S. in Mathematics. 

The Biomolecular Engineering department has established a new Biotechnology B.A.

The Critical Race and Ethnic Studies program has established a minor in Black Studies.

The Music department has established three news concentrations in Global Musics, Contemporary Practices, and Western Art Music within the Music B.A. These concentrations will be offered beginning fall 2020. 

The Economics department is launching a new concentration in Accounting in the Business Management Economics B.A.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department has established a contiguous Bachelor’s/Master’s pathway, linking the M.S. with various related existing undergraduate degrees, for a fall 2020 launch.

The name of the Jazz minor has been changed to the Jazz, Spontaneous Composition and Improvisation minor.

The Statistics department will initiate a new Designated Emphasis in Data Science beginning fall 2020.

The Graduate Division will begin offering a certificate in Graduate Student Professional Development in fall 2020. 

The Computer Engineering Ph.D. program has extended its suspension of admissions through 2021-22.

The History of Consciousness minor has been suspended.

The Environmental Geology concentration has been discontinued.

The Environmental Chemistry concentration has been discontinued.

The German Studies B.A. has been discontinued.

The 3+3 program with Hastings College of Law has been discontinued.