Spring 2023 Curricular Updates

I am pleased to announce the following changes to the UC Santa Cruz curriculum that will take effect in 2023-24.

The Physical & Biological Sciences Division will launch a new M.S./Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

The Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology Department will begin offering its first undergraduate major, a B.S. in Microbiology

The Mathematics Department has established Mathematics Theory and Computation B.S.

A five-year contiguous bachelor's/master's pathway has been established between the Latin American and Latino Studies B.A. and the Education M.A./Certificate.

The Humanities Division will offer a new minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies

The Literature Department has discontinued the Italian Studies B.A.

The Computational Media Department has discontinued the Serious Games M.S.

Additionally, the following changes have been approved, but will not take effect until 2024-25. 

The  Environmental Studies Department will launch an M.A. in Geogrpahic Information Systems, Spatial Technologies, Applications, and Research (GISTAR)

A combined major between the Latin American and Latino Studies B.A. and the Education, Democracy, and Justice B.A. 

A concentration in Quantum Information Science will be established within the Physics B.S.