Faculty Administrative Leadership Program

Objective: The Faculty Administrative Leadership Program will provide professional development opportunities for Senate faculty who are interested in exploring campus administration and leadership. Participants will gain hands-on experiences as faculty administrators, so they better understand the many roles of faculty leaders and have an opportunity to assess their interest in pursuing further opportunities in academic administration.  Participants will learn about administrative processes; explore the different dimensions that impact decision making; and gain new insights into the operations and policies of the university. While gaining valuable experience, participants will have the chance to serve their colleagues, our students, and the broader community, as well as to support the mentoring administrator through a meaningful project and by providing an additional perspective for the mentoring administrator in their work.

Summary: Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by a principal officer over the course of an academic year, joining selected meetings, meeting regularly with the principal officer, and completing a project under that leader’s supervision.

Details: A call will go out in winter quarter for participants for the following academic year. Principal officers in the central administration who volunteer to be mentors will provide a brief description of the intended project. Faculty may apply to one or more of the available positions, providing a ranking of their preferences. Each principal officer will independently review the applications for their position, and then all participating principal officers will confer and agree upon the project assignments for selected faculty. Each selected participant will receive one course release funded by the CP/EVC.

In consultation with colleagues, the mentors shall determine to which meetings their mentee will accompany them. The mentors are responsible for engaging with meeting hosts prior to inviting their mentee. During this year and beyond, participants are bound to the same ethical standards, including confidentiality, that guide all principal officers. The CP/EVC expects meeting hosts to support this program and the participants, but understands that ethical or legal considerations may prevent participants from attending all meetings. Participants are expected to maintain other regular faculty commitments, including teaching any remaining classes and attending their own department meetings and other service commitments.

It is expected that the participants will spend 8-10 hours per week on activities related to this program, including a weekly meeting with the mentor, attending meetings, and independent work on the project. It is also expected that participants will attend the Leadership Academy in winter quarter, unless they have previously completed it.

Eligible faculty are Senate members with tenure or security of employment.