Faculty Administrative Leadership Program - 2019-20 Fellows

Academic Affairs Fellow

Adrian Brasoveanu
Professor, Linguistics Department

Professor Brasoveanu is a formal semanticist and a computational psycholinguist. The two main questions driving his research are: (i) What is linguistic meaning? (ii) How does the human mind grasp it? He builds evidence-based, mathematically and computationally explicit theories of natural language meaning (product) and interpretation (process) that try to answer these two questions.


Adrian Brasoveanu 

Testimonial: "As a 2019-20 FALP Fellow, I received hands-on mentorship in an area of campus administration that is critical for the mission of the university. I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted, and got a real behind-the-scenes look at how decisions are made, which will make me a better campus citizen going forward. I also greatly appreciated the community built during the Leadership Academy, where I learned skills that are widely applicable as a researcher, teacher, and faculty member, and where I was able to meet people from diverse units across campus with whom I would not have otherwise interacted."


Office of Research Fellow

Heather Shearer
Professor, Writing Program
Professor Shearer's areas of expertise include: technical communication, rhetoric and composition, curriculum development, and program assessment. Her areas of interest include: rhetoric of intentional communities, organizational communication, activity theory, composition studies, technical communication, and Peoples Temple. Heather Shearer


University Relations Fellow

Melissa L. Caldwell
Professor, Anthropology
Profesor Caldwell's research and teaching focus on the everyday lived experiences and politics of poverty, welfare, and charity, with particular emphasis on state socialist and postsocialist societies. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Poverty and Inequality, Poverty and Welfare, Social Justice, and International Development Aid. Melissa L. Caldwell